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Save Money Installing a New Air Conditioner

  • Cool Cash Carrier Rebate
  • Power Company Rebate
  • Lower Energy Bills

Save Money

Ways to Save Money on New AC

New Air ConditionerJust about everybody is looking for ways to save a little money these days. It’s a safe bet, however, that you probably didn’t realize that buying a new air conditioner can actually save you money. Huge advances in technology and design by major manufacturers like Carrier drastically improve performance. Here are three great ways you can save your hard earned money when buying a new air conditioner:

Save With Manufacturer Rebates

Carrier offers generous manufacturer rebates. Their Cool Cash rebate program offers you up to $1,450 in cash back in the form of one of their prepaid cards. If you think that you might be interested in one of Carrier’s line of air conditioning systems, we would be happy to go through with you which products and systems will qualify for the biggest Cool Cash benefits.

Get Your Power Company to Pay You

Power companies like Duke Energy Progress are offering their customers a variety of rebates to help offset the initial costs incurred when upgrading your home’s energy efficiency. A newer, more energy efficient system won’t just keep you cooler, it will put a little cash back in your pocket courtesy of your power company. And we haven’t even mentioned the savings you’ll see on your monthly energy bill.

New Air Conditioning System = Lower Energy Bills

Some experts estimate that as much as 60% of your monthly summer electric bill is due to running your air conditioner. Ouch. Older systems generally lose a little bit of their efficiency every year. Even more if the A/C unit isn’t given proper maintenance and tune-ups over the course of its lifetime. This sometimes staggering loss of efficiency can be seen in the form of increasingly expensive monthly bills as well as felt in the form of a home that is no longer as comfortable as it once was.

With a newer, modern air conditioning system that has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of anywhere from 15 up to 21, you will likely see a significant savings on your power bill. SEER ratings are a quick and handy way for you to know at a glance how efficient the air conditioning system you are buying is. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system.

An important thing to remember when purchasing a new system is to get the size that is most appropriate for the size of your home. It may sound obvious that a larger home will require a larger air conditioner and that a small home will need a smaller system, but you would be surprised how often people end up buying the wrong sized unit. Whether someone buys too much or too little A/C, both end up costing more money. For example, a system that’s too small will have to work harder, making for higher monthly bills and a shortened life span for the unit.

Graham AC technicians will work with you to make sure you get the right air conditioning system for your home.