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Carrollwood’s Carrier Authorized Dealer

We tend to get around. A lot. And one thing we’ve noticed traveling up and down North Dale Mabry and Fletcher as much as we do, is that Carrollwood residents seem to love their Carrier air conditioners. In fact, at least 95% of our new air conditioner sales are Carrier. At first glance, you may think that all dealers are the same. But did you know that WHO installs your A/C can have a profound effect on the life expectancy of your system?

New Air ConditionerTo be a factory authorized dealer of Carrier products is not for everyone. It’s kind of like being part of an exclusive club. Complete with dues. Assuming that a dealer has been in business long enough and has credit scores and Better Business Bureau ratings high enough to qualify, they can still be turned down if their warranty failure rate is too high. Carrier knows that a high warranty failure rate is often the mark of a poor technician and improper installation.

Carrier’s standards for their dealers are high because they know their products are solid and in demand. Frankly, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the company that gave the world the very first modern air conditioner way back in 1902.

Graham AC has been a Carrier factory authorized dealer for the better part of two decades. For example, every one of our many technicians has been through Carrier’s rigorous ongoing training program. But the reason why Graham AC stands out from other Carrier dealers is because we know and live by this one secret:

It’s all in the installation.

Too many repairs can be traced back to faulty or poor installation. For that reason, we make it our priority to get your installation right the first time. Every one of our fleet of trucks is equipped with a vacuum pump to ensure there’s no air or moisture in the pipework that can cause issues later. As a result, our technicians have a very low warranty failure rate.

Why choose Carrier?

Carrier didn’t think that inventing the air conditioner was enough reason for them to sit back and rest on their laurels. The quality that makes them the manufacturer that everyone wants is constant innovation. They are consistently developing newer and better ways to make your life more comfortable.

For example, their Infinity line has earned the Energy Star Most Efficient designation in addition to receiving high marks from Consumer’s Digest as a Best Buy winner. But what makes Infinity systems so cool, is the fact that you can customize not just the temperature in your home, but the humidity level, the air quality, fan speed and ventilation — all with one simple device.

Have you ever wondered why some air conditioning systems have to be so dang loud? Well, Carrier wondered about that, too. Their answer was the Performance series. These air conditioners take reliability, energy efficiency and value seriously. But the remarkable thing about them is how QUIETLY they do it. Your dishwasher is probably louder.

Carrier also understands that every household doesn’t require the biggest, baddest air conditioning system on the block. They get that quite a few folks are interested in economical solutions that don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to reliability and energy efficiency. The Comfort series of air conditioners aims to save you money two ways: on the system itself and also on your monthly utility bills. With SEER efficiency ratings up to 16.5, you’ll stay cool all summer long and you won’t have to pay through the nose.