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Graham Heating & Air Conditioning of Clearwater

  • Licensed Mechanical Contractors
  • Bonded Contractors
  • 15 Year Carrier Authorized Dealer

Why Graham?

What’s so special about Graham Heating & Air Conditioning?

We are a locally owned and operated company with close ties to the community we serve. But just because we’re local doesn’t mean we’re small. We have a large team of 32 people who all work together to make your life more comfortable. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen one of our many trucks rolling through your neighborhood or parked on your street.

Ever since we first hung out our shingle in 1979 and then became a Carrier factory authorized dealer in 2000, we’ve made it our priority to serve you with integrity.

Why being licensed and bonded matters to you

Each one of our technicians is licensed by the state of Florida. But did you know that A/C contractors are often required to be licensed and bonded by the individual counties they work in, as well? It’s true. A state license isn’t enough and if a contractor ever shows up at your house with just a Florida license, he may as well be working without a license at all, as far as the county is concerned. Our contractors are required to carry $50,000 insurance bonds in Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, and Pinellas counties. This is for your protection.

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Mechanical contractors vs A and B level contractors

Air conditioning contractors in Florida have a long, tough process to go through before they are finally awarded their license. Not the least of which is a rigorous three-day long test they have to pass. Were you aware of the different levels of contracting licenses, though? There are three levels, Mechanical and A and B. The highest level is mechanical. It’s also the most comprehensive and thorough license an A/C contractor can get. Which is why it’s so special.

Not every air conditioning contractor employs mechanical contractors, but Graham AC does. The great thing about mechanical contractors is that they can work on any type of mechanical system in your home without limitations. A and B level contractors can’t do that.

The advantage to you is that if you have a natural gas furnace, for example, you don’t have to call us and then also call a plumber (an extra service call and fee to you). We can take care of it all for you. Due to the rigor involved in achieving a mechanical license, having one is often a sign of the contractor’s level of experience and the thoroughness of their knowledge of A/C systems. In other words, they’ve been around for a while and have seen just about any problem that might come up.