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A/C Maintenance

Were you aware that air conditioners can lose up to 5% of their efficiency every year?

Your air conditioning unit is a major asset when it comes to your home’s value. Not to mention how vital it is to the comfort of your family. As one of the most complex pieces of equipment in your home, it can prove expensive to replace. It’s our opinion that it’s a good idea not to neglect it.

Fortunately for you, keeping an air conditioner running at peak efficiency is an easy thing to do. Semi-annual maintenance checkups, including tune-ups are the smartest way for you to protect your investment.


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Preventive maintenance is very affordable and when you have service check-ups every six months, something we recommend, it can alleviate worry completely. The knowledge that you’ll be heading off any future major repairs or breakdowns by not letting them happen in the first place will give you peace of mind.

Changing filters on your air conditioner regularly is certainly something you can easily do on your own, but an example of some of the things we do for you are listed below. During regular maintenance we:

  • Inspect your coolant levels and pressure. This can really help your system run at peak efficiency.
  • Calibrate your thermostat and check the proper cycle and temperature. This helps improve your comfort and control.
  • Inspect any wiring, contacts, relays and capacitors and tighten as needed. This helps avoid expensive repairs later down the road.
  • Assess the evaporator coil.
  • Check that the condensate drain is clear and there are no obstructions.
  • Inspect the condenser and clean it if necessary.
  • Check out the condenser fan motor and blades. We’ll lubricate those if they need it.
  • Check the compressor amps at start up to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Tend to any other safety and efficiency checks that may need to be done.

These measures are a few of the 30+ items the technicians check to keep your air conditioning system running at its peak efficiency.